5 Simple Tricks to Make Your Condo Space Look Bigger

BY Meagan Wenceslao | May 29, 2019

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The cost of Philippine real estate properties is generally based on two things: location and size.It is a known fact that unlike a regular house, condominium units do not offer as much space as one would like. You’ll have to make some compromises in...

6 Reasons Why Renters Get Better Financial Deal Than Homeowners

BY Meagan Wenceslao | May 16, 2019

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Homeownership is heavily promoted by all sorts of people within your niche - your parents, friends, family, real estate agents, and even the government. It has long been considered the climax of a person's adult life, a moment when they've finally...

4 Important Ways to Prepare Your House When Leaving for Vacation

BY Wynndee Alejo | Apr 17, 2019

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Holy Week is happening this weekend – it’s one of the most anticipated events in the country especially for the Christians, where they meditate the life and death of Jesus Christ.  This also means a long weekend that many of us take advantage to g...

How to Get your House Ready to Sell

BY Wynndee Alejo | Mar 29, 2019

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Are you planning to sell your house?Then, you have to prepare your house for selling. You should do the necessary things so you will have greater chances of getting a buyer. Here are some of the important steps you have to make before listing your...

Take a Look at the resort-like house of Jericho Rosales

BY Wynndee Alejo | Mar 19, 2019

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Actor Jericho Rosales and wife, Kim Jones, both loves water, that is why when they let the public had a peak of their humble abode, it was not surprise that it’s somewhat feel like you step in a resort – relaxing, cozy and welcoming. Jericho is kn...

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